Preparing mums and dads for an awesome birth and beyond.

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Weekly drop-in Yoga classes for Pregnancy, Mum & Baby, and Mums’ Relaxed Night Off.

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Antenatal Class

Prepare for an Awesome labour & birth by coming to my unique Active Birth Preparation Antenatal Workshop for couples.

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Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology to aid your fertility, conception, pregnancy and postnatal journey.

birthzang logo very small 150 pixelsI believe that every woman can and should have an awesome birth and when they do, the rest of their lives as a mother and woman, will become enriched by them tapping into their innate power and the awesome power of the universe, in a way that will last a lifetime.

Birthzang gives parents the ability to approach birth with confidence, to have a range of tools to enhance their labour, to enjoy a positive birth experience no matter what happens, and enjoy their parenthood journey.

By learning how the body works in labour and understanding how to help this process, by using techniques that enhance the body in labour and help her cope with the sensations she is experiencing. Then she can take an empowered role in the entire process and make the right choices to keep that experience awesome.

Birthzang’s unique How to Have an Awesome Birth Workshop for couples transforms their fear into confidence with practical and emotional tools.

I also run weekly pregnancy yoga class for mums, to help gently tone their body and start getting ready for labour. Once baby arrives, mums can continue their yoga practice at mum & baby yoga classes, specifically deigned for gentle postnatal healing.

  • Increase confidence and banish fear
  • Learn practical and emotional skills to enhance labour
  • Be an amazing birth partner
  • Gain strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Birth preparation for every kind of birth
  • Support network for pregnancy and beyond
  • Fill in the gaps that NCT classes don’t cover.

Birthzang’s workshops helped Olga & Simon’s views about birth change 100%!

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