As the Wind Blows…Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique!

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I often come across parents who want to help their baby fart. Yes, you heard that correctly – FART!! Trapped baby wind, gas or farts can affect babies hugely and are a common cause of colic.

Is this familiar to you?

This sounds funny but it really is no joke. Not only is your baby in terrible pain and distress, but it makes you feel helpless and distraught. You might not have been able to put the baby down in the evening for days or even weeks. You are not able to eat a meal, read your other kids a bedtime story, have a rest, or hear yourself think as the baby just keeps screaming.

Did you know trapped gas can really hurt?

While it is commonly understood that you need to know how to burp a baby, it is less understood that babies also need a bit of help to fart.

And if you have ever had really bad trapped wind, you know that it can be really painful.

It is no different for babies, but they only understand that IT HURTS! And so they cry. And cry.

A lot of the time, trapped wind results in a diagnosis of colic. Colic has many causes, I mean for goodness sake it just means “crying more than x amount per day” so is in no way a medical term.

While in fact, the Oxford English Dictionary does attribute the causes of colic to abdominal pain, so needing to help your baby fart can consequently be very effective.

baby fart wind crying

Poor Babyzang1, he was in so much pain.

Would you like to help your baby?

Would you like to be able to learn how to help your baby release all that trapped wind? To give them relief from their pain and discomfort? To transform them into a calm and contented baby?

And then you can start to enjoy parenthood?

Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique really works!

Luckily, due to my experience with Babyzang #1, I came up with this method to help relieve him of his painful trapped farts.

Once you can read your baby’s body language and understand how their digestive system works, then you can start to apply the technique and get rid of those pesky farts.

What is this baby fart technique then?

The technique is a series of exercises designed to help your baby get rid of all their trapped gas. Often one or two of the exercises really hit the nail on the head (as it were), but just as often different things work on different days.

The full technique works by a system of 10 exercises that help to open up the babies body, get the air moving, and then squeeze it all out. The amazing thing is that the results are instant! Very often your baby will see a reduction in pain with every fart expelled, and can be completely settled by the time you have worked through all of them.

Learn this fart technique now

ruth toby baby fart

Don’t just take my word for it! Ruth & Toby found great relief by doing this baby fart technique.

Being able to focus on something connecting and ultimately, umm… bringing clear result was a game changer for us and our tiny, struggling, screaming, unsettled, flailing and frustrated new family member!

Thank you xxx”

Remember the golden rule: Be Gentle

Remember babies are quite delicate creatures so whenever doing any of these exercises be SLOW and GENTLE. A newborn will not be able to stretch their legs straight so NEVER FORCE YOUR BABY INTO ANY POSITION to make your baby fart.

As they get older and get used to the actions then you may find you can help them get more deeply into a pose. Think of it like a yoga class – you should never do anything that causes strain or discomfort. If in doubt, don’t do it: you want to help your baby fart, not give it a workout!

Do these exercises really work?

These exercises are based on the methods I used with my own baby. I have supplemented this with feedback from hundreds of parents that I have worked with over the past 5 years to create a simple but effective way to eliminate farts.

The exercises, help to relieve your baby of trapped wind, but other wonderful side-effects also include:

  • stopping your baby crying, immediately
  • help them calm down
  • helping you calm down
  • creating a relaxing environment for them to wind down before bedtime
  • enhance bonding between baby and parents

These exercises can be done by mums, dads, or anyone caring for the baby!

The best way to learn is watching the videos

I have put together a series of instructional videos and turned it into an online course to make it really easy to learn.

If you are a visual person and prefer a more personal approach, just pop on over to my course page and check out the free trial.

The full course costs the same as a leading brand of colic medicine, but it has instant results.

As a result, you will find your baby:

  • gets instant relief and stops crying right away
  • starts to relax
  • goes to sleep more easily

Remember the golden rule

Hold the baby’s ankles gently, and always be really gentle – a newborn baby WILL NOT get their legs straight – just go with however far they will gently go.

Repeat each exercise a few times then try another one until you hear your baby fart. Mix it up a bit. If it is working, you will know because the wind will start blowing!

Toes to Nose

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Lift feet and take toes to the baby’s nose (or nearest point)
  • Put feet back down

Knees to chest

birthzang baby fart 3

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Hold the lower legs (calves), lift knees to chest
  • put knees back down
  • Separate legs, lift each knee to each shoulder
  • put knees back down

Diagonal stretch

birthzang trapped wind 2

  • Hold baby’s wrists
  • lift their arms above head back to the floor
  • then back to their sides.
  • Take opposite arm above to floor, and ankle and stretch gently diagonally
  • take arm back in back in and swap sides

Birthzang’s Amazing Online Course!

This course shows desperate parents how to stop your baby crying, by relieving painful trapped wind, transform your baby into a calm and contented one, and so they can start enjoying parenthood!

For just £9.99 you can help your baby to:

  • get instant relief and stops crying right away
  • start to relax
  • go to sleep more easily

asleep baby

14 easy-to-follow videos

  • How to read your baby’s body language
  • Understand their digestive process
  • Prepare your baby and your space
  • Follow 10 exercises

10 downloadable audio files

Audio files to use daily for the exercises. Either sing along or let me do the work for you!


Printable worksheets

A PDF download for you to print out as a quick reminder of the exercises in case you want to refer to them quickly in the middle of the night without playing a video.

katy anna-lu baby fart

Katy & Ana-Lu found this technique worked well beyond babyhood!

She told me, “So simple and works a treat, I still use it on my toddler when she has tummy trouble.”

How do I know it’s a baby fart and not baby burp?

It could well be a burp, and luckily I have got a handy free eBook to show you all the different ways you can burp a baby. Incredibly there is a variety of ways to do this as well.

If you have tried the burp method and your baby is still crying, then trapped farts should be your next consideration.

I found certain exercises helped my baby fart really well and some did nothing for Babyzang #1. And for Babyzang #2 it was a completely different set of exercises that worked. And each parent that has had a go and seen amazing results has contributed to the formulation of this technique.

Once we found our perfect set of exercises, we would do them every day for about 15 minutes, whether he seemed to need them or not! We took this technique from a pain relief perspective to one of prevention, and we found the crying just…stopped.

Good luck and do leave a comment below to let us know if it worked for you, and which exercises worked best to help make your baby fart! or please join us on the facebook group.

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Director & Educator

Hi, I'm Eleanor and I have been working with mums and dads since 2013 to guide them through an awesome pregnancy, birth and parenthood journey.

My first baby cried so much from 3 weeks old and we tried all the drugs and nothing seemed to work. Until we discovered that you CAN help them fart by using these incredible exercises.

I am now on a mission to help parents everywhere to release trapped farts, stop baby crying, and enable you to start enjoying parenthood!