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Do You Have a Fretful Baby at night?

Did your baby start life happy and content but then started to get fretful in the night and cry a lot?

They burp well, but in the evenings they screw up their face and scream with a really hard tummy. You have come to the conclusion that they have trapped wind or gasbasically, your baby desperately needs to fart! How can I help make my baby fart right now.

This sounds funny but it really is no joke.

Not only is your baby in terrible pain and distress, but it makes you feel helpless and distraught. You might not have been able to put the baby down in the evening for days or even weeks.

You are not able to eat a meal, read your other kids a bedtime story, have a rest, or hear yourself think as the baby just keeps screaming. As soon as the clock turns 4pm, you start to dread the evening ahead.

While it is commonly understood that you need to know how to burp a baby, it is less understood that babies also need a bit of help to fart.

baby fart wind cryingAnd if you have ever had really bad trapped wind, you know that it can be really painful. It is no different for babies, but they only understand that IT HURTS! And so they cry. And cry.

A lot of the time, trapped wind results in a diagnosis of colic. Colic has many causes, I mean for goodness sake it just means “crying more than x amount per day” so is in no way a medical term.

Imagine Knowing Exactly How To Help

Imagine giving instant relief to your crying baby, by helping them to fart at night, transforming them back into your normal happy, content and calm baby.

  • Give them instant relief from trapped farts at night and prevent them from future pain.
  • Easy, fast and effective to use, even in the middle of the night.
  • Transform your baby into a contented and happy one and get them back to sleep.
  • Eliminate your feeling of guilt from being unable to help them.

Start enjoying parenthood again!

“We have had success!
We had fart fireworks followed by a poonami 😂

It’s like having a different child. I do the exercises 3 times a day and it has become more play than urgently needed as she is farting happily in her sleep and going to the toilet more regularly rather than the epic build up we had before.

It has helped her to come on in other ways as she is no longer just thinking about the pain. Grabbing things, giggling, interacting.
I only wish I had found it sooner!!! Thank you”

Do these exercises really work?

Yes! these exercises are based on the methods I have used with my own baby and then improved with feedback from hundreds of parents that I have worked with over the past 5 years to create a simple but effective way to eliminate farts.

This technique can be done by mums, dads, or anyone caring for the baby!

The price for the amazing baby fart technique is £24.99 which is easy recouped as it is less than a few bottles of the leading brand of colic medicine, but it has instant repeatable results.

Eleanor Hayes

Birth coach, antenatal educator,
yoga teacher & all-round good egg


I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

Here’s How It Works

I can teach you to read your baby’s body language and understand how their digestive system works, you can then start to apply the technique and get rid of those pesky farts forever.

Often one or two of the exercises really hits the nail on the head (as it were), but just as often different things work on different days.

That is why the system has 10 exercises that help to open up the babies body, get the air moving, and then squeeze it all out.

The amazing thing is that the results are instant!

Very often your baby will see a reduction in pain with every fart expelled, and can be completely settled by the time you have worked through all of them.

If you want to learn the technique that is helping babies to release trapped farts, just pop on over to my online course page and check out the free trial.

When you sign up I am also available on email to chat about the techniques and help you with any problems you have… we will solve this together.

You Can Help Your Baby

 Fart Now

Birthzang's Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique Online Course

fart baby

Find out how to ease your baby's pain, reduce their crying and allow yourself to start enjoying parenthood again.


I’m so sure that this course will help your baby that I promise a 100%  Money-Back Guarantee, so it’s risk-free to see if the techniques work.



ruth toby baby fart

Being able to focus on something connecting and ultimately, umm… bringing clear result was a game changer for us and our tiny, struggling, screaming, unsettled, flailing and frustrated new family member!

Thank you xxx”


The golden rule: Be Gentle

Remember babies are quite delicate creatures so whenever doing any of these exercises be SLOW and GENTLE.

A newborn will not be able to stretch their legs straight so NEVER FORCE YOUR BABY INTO ANY POSITION to make your baby fart.

As they get older and get used to the actions then you may find you can help them get more deeply into a pose. Think of it as a yoga class – you should never do anything that causes strain or discomfort. If in doubt, don’t do it: you want to help your baby fart, not give it a workout!

This is why it is so important to get someone experienced to show you how to do it properly, and one of the main reasons an online video course was the only way to teach you this method.

Sample Techniques

Please Remember the golden rule, hold the baby’s ankles gently, and always be really gentle – a newborn baby WILL NOT get their legs straight – just go with however far they will gently go.

Repeat each exercise a few times then try another one until you hear your baby fart. Mix it up a bit. If it is working, you will know because the wind will start blowing!

Toes to Nose

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Lift feet and take toes to the baby’s nose (or nearest point)
  • Put feet back down

Knees to chest

birthzang baby fart 3

  • Hold ankles.
  • Stretch legs straight parallel to floor
  • Hold the lower legs (calves), lift knees to chest
  • Put knees back down
  • Separate legs, lift each knee to each shoulder
  • Put knees back down

Diagonal stretch

birthzang trapped wind 2

  • Hold baby’s wrists
  • Lift their arms above head back to the floor
  • Then back to their sides.
  • Take opposite arm above to floor, and ankle and stretch gently diagonally
  • Take arm back in back in and swap sides

katy anna-lu baby fart

Katy & Ana-Lu found this technique worked well beyond babyhood!

She told me:

So simple and works a treat,

I still use it on my toddler when she has tummy trouble.”

Let Me Help You To Help Your Baby Fart

Often all it takes to overcome a problem is to talk to the right person at the right time, right?.

Learn exactly how to help. Sign up for this technique with me now.


  • Let’s get rid of these nasty trapped farts tonight, don’t take my word read my review.
  • I’ve helped mums with their babies painfully trapped farts with this technique for years now.
  • I have delivered 1000+ hours of training to mums just like you.
  • I have worked with hundreds of parents on their parenting journey.


I’m so sure that this course will help your baby that I promise a 100%  Money-Back Guarantee, so it’s risk-free to see if the techniques work.

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