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In the UK the Homebirth rate is fairly low in the UK and so it is a fair assumption that the vast majority of mums in  Reading will have their baby at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

I am always harping on about how important it is to educate yourself ahead of birth and the hospital itself is a great source of information about their policies and procedures for every aspect of birth, including information on medical pain relief options and what to expect from a variety of interventions or complications.

I have chosen a selection below that I think might be most useful but there are many more to be found on the RBH website (under Patient Information leaflets).

The main drawback is that they are listed alphabetically rather than thematically so you really need to know what you are looking for in advance. There are a lot of general ones around pregnancy, labour and birth under “M” for “Maternity”, but it by no means includes everything. If you find any leaflets that you think I should include here please let me know in the comments or email me at

Choosing Where to have your baby—choosing-where-to-have-your-baby.htm

Getting Ready for Birth—getting-ready-for-birth.htm

Prolonged pregnancy—management-of-prolonged-pregnancy.htm

Group B Strep—group-B-streptococcal-infection.htm

Waters breaking before labour starts—pre-labour-rupture-of-membranes-plrom.htm

Early labour advice—early-labour-advice.htm

Exercises in labour—exercises-to-help-during-labour.htm

Induction and augmentation—propess-for-induction-of-labour.htm

GP version: protocols and guidelines/Maternity Guidelines and Policies/Intrapartum/Induction and augmentation of PLRoM in Prolonged pregnancy_V1.1_MAR14.pdf

Patient version:—induction-of-labour.htm

Propess for labour (pessary)


Oxytocin for labour

Assisted Delivery—assisted-vaginal-delivery.htm

Drugs to  deliver placenta

 Pain relief in labour—pain-relief-in-labour.htm


Anaesthetic in caesarian—anaesthetics-for-caesarean-section.htm—assisted-vaginal-delivery.htm

Emergency caesarian—caesaerean-section—unplanned-emergency.htm

 Pain relief after birth—pain-relief-after-birth.htm

The management of perineal trauma after birth—perineal-trauma-and-management-of-3rd-and-4th-degree-tears.htm

Postnatal care of you and your baby—postnatal-advice-following-birth.htm


Here is a link to all the maternity leaflets:

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