Are you a desperate parent with a gassy baby?

Did your newborn start life happy and content but then started to get fretful in the evenings and cry a lot?

They burp well, but in the evenings they screw up their face and scream. They have a hard tummy and often arch their back in pain.

You have come to the conclusion that they are a gassy baby and have trapped wind or gas. Let’s make no bones about it, they desperately need to pass wind, you know, fart!

Lets solve this together

Imagine there is a way you can help your baby pass wind and relieve themselves of that pain and discomfort that the gas has caused!. There is a way you can get your old contented happy baby back!

Together we can release that trapped fart, stop your baby crying, and enable you to start enjoying parenthood!

I have worked with hundreds of mums and their babies, helping them to stay calm and ease their baby’s trapped wind pain.

My first baby cried so much from 3 weeks old from trapped and we tried all the drugs and nothing seemed to work. Until we discovered that you CAN help them fart by using these incredible exercises.

I am now on a mission to help parents everywhere to release trapped farts, stop baby crying, and enable you to start enjoying parenthood!

This online course is a combination of these initial exercises that have been improved and added to with the help and feedback of lots of parents, whose babies have experienced the immediate benefits of this technique.

Course Benefits

With this course that I have been using for years with hundreds of mothers and babies you will be able to:

  • Transform gassy baby into a contented and happy one?
  • Give them relief from discomfort and prevent them from future pain?
  • Eliminate your feeling of guilt from being unable to help them?
  • Start enjoying parenthood again 100% risk-free with a money back guarantee?

Within an hour of learning the technique, they will get immediate relief from current symptoms, and when practiced every day for only a few minutes, they will get relief before the symptoms start or your money back.

Get your evenings back again!

Yes, together we can prevent the crying!

Baby Fart Technique to Stop Baby Crying

This is Ruth and Toby

This course made all the difference for them.

Being able to focus on something connecting and ultimately, umm… bringing clear result was a game changer for us and our tiny struggling screaming unsettled flailing and frustrated new family member! Thank you xxx

Ruth Newton-Griffiths

Why this course is going to work for you

It’s OK, I get it. Why would you spend money on something you can probably figure out for yourself? Only, your gassy baby is still screaming for hours each day, you are not sleeping, and you can’t really think straight.

Wouldn’t it be easy if all the information and support you needed was all in one place, ready for you to access in 2 different formats at any time of day or night, as many times as you needed?

The 10 techniques are quick and easy to do, natural, so no more drugs and forever free after you take the course!

This is risk-free as there is a 100% money back guarantee.

If you buy the course, work through the exercises and find that it has not helped you, then I will give you your money back with no questions asked within 30 days of purchase.

I am that absolutely certain it can help you help your baby.

Some simple and works a treat, I still use it on my toddler when she was tummy trouble

Katie Meade

Baby Fart Technique to Stop Baby Crying

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Director & Educator

I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

Further Course Info

The entire course will guide you through the detailed proven version of this baby fart technique, and in less than an hour you will provide your gassy baby relief from their discomfort and distress, and transform them back into the happy, content and calm baby they used to be.

Included in the full course:

  • Instructional videos so you can see what to do in detail
  • Guidance through 10 exercises to help your baby fart
  • 10 Downloadable audio tracks to sing along to and keep things calm
  • Downloadable Printable Worksheet to have as a handy reminder
  • Exclusive access to a Facebook Support Group
  • Personal access to Eleanor Hayes, the course creator director of Birthzang.

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