Active Birth Workshops in Reading

I want to give you the ability to approach birth with confidence,

to have a range of tools to enhance your labour,

to enjoy a positive birth experience no matter what happens,

and enjoy your parenthood journey.

I believe that every woman can and should have an awesome birth and when they do, the rest of their lives as a mother and woman, will become enriched by them tapping into their innate power and the awesome power of the universe, in a way that will last a lifetime.

By learning how the body works in labour and understanding how to help this process, by using techniques that enhance the body in labour and help her cope with the sensations she is experiencing. Then she can take an empowered role in the entire process and make the right choices to keep that experience awesome.

Why awesome?

  1. A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
  2. Inspire with awe.

Birth is something that we should respect and sometimes fear but that it is one of the most inspirational things a person can experience. No matter what happens it can still be awesome.

3 Steps to an Awesome Birth Workshop

Duration: 90 mins
Cost: £10 per couple.

Come and find out how in 3 easy steps you can have an AWESOME BIRTH! This fantastic workshop is designed to give you and your birth partner a deep understanding of how you can achieve a positive and empowering birth experience using Active Birth techniques.

To purchase a ticket, CLICK HERE, go to the workshop date, click BOOK, purchase one yoga class credit and book the class!

Essential Birth Knowledge Workshop

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: £95 per couple (includes free book)

This half day workshop gives you all the essential knowledge and skills you need to have an awesome labour and birth in 3 easy steps, building on the knowledge from the 90-minute workshop.
1. UNDERSTAND how the body & mind works in labour.
2. LEARN how to ENHANCE that process.
3. EXPERIENCE practical ways to cope with labour.
This birth preparation workshop is open to couples or pregnant mums on their own. Most parents come between 25-36 weeks into their pregnancy but it is suitable at any point in your pregnancy.
DURATION: 4 hours
COST: £95 (Including a FREE copy of “Preparing for Active Birth Handbook” by Janet Balaskas (RRP £4.99).)
Light refreshments will be provided.

Complete Birth Knowledge Workshop

Duration: 8 hours
Cost: £200 per couple, includes:

  • Free copy of “Preparing for Active Birth” book by Janet Balaskas (worth £4.99)
  • Free birth ball and pump (worth £15)
  • Free follow-up Skype session/phone call

This premium workshop guides you through Birthzang’s unique programme, giving you the complete knowledge that you need to achieve an awesome birth through this comprehensive antenatal class. The workshop covers a simple 3-step plan:

1) UNDERSTAND how the body & mind works in labour

  • 3 stages of labour
  • The 3 amigos: Pelvis, uterus & hormones
  • Understanding contractions & how the baby is born
  • What happens immediately after birth
  • How to transform fear into a positive mindset
  • How your environment affects your birth

2) LEARN how to enhance that process

  • The key principles of Active Birth
  • 30 benefits of Active Birth
  • What to do if labour doesn’t progress
  • How to cope if your birth doesn’t go “to plan”

3) EXPERIENCE practical ways to cope with labour

  • Exactly how be an amazing birth partner
  • Massage, Rebozo & communication skills
  • What to expect when the baby is born
  • 4 different emotional ways to cope
  • 8 different practical ways to cope
  • Time to try out and practice 15 birth positions

Most parents choose to come between 20-38 weeks of pregnancy, but you can come at any time. The workshop class is aimed at couples or pregnant mums with a birth partner. Mums are also welcome to come on their own. Classes are located in East Reading, Berkshire.

Browse the workshop timetable and book your place now!

Janet Balaskas and Active Birth

Birthzang runs a comprehensive antenatal class in Reading that has been created under the training, guidance and mentorship of Janet Balaskas. The class gives parents a complete birth preparation experience to give them all the tools they need to ensure their labour is easier, safer, more efficient and less painful.

Using the key principles of Active Birth – upright positions, free to move and using bodily intuition – we learn a huge array of practical and emotional strategies from the onset of labour through to the first few precious hours once baby is born, and these principles can drastically improve the experience of labour and help mums and dads achieve a positive birth experience.

How Birthzang is different to NCT and NHS classes

While other antenatal classes, such as NCT, give a fantastic insight into both birth and parenting, Birthzang focuses specifically on the birth experience, from first contraction to a few hours after birth, giving a unique and invaluable formula of knowledge and skills to get the best out of your labour and birth, and to help you approach it with confidence whether this is your first baby, or have had a previously difficult birth experience.


We absolutely loved the workshop! It was practical, easy to follow, really informative and focused on tips, tools and techniques to help us prepare for labour.

Emma's Testimonial

After attending the active birth workshop we feel really prepared and a lot more relaxed about having our baby.

Katie & Shane's Testimonial

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Who teaches the Workshops?

Learn all about your teacher and why she is so passionate about helping parents prepare for labour & birth.

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