Your little bundle of joy arrives and suddenly life is not as you know it! Wow, babies takes up such a lot of TIME!

They take time to feed – sometimes hours at a time. Getting them dressed is a fiddly process…and then they vomit all over themselves (and you) so you have to start again! And the crying – OMFG don’t get me started on colic.

And forget about getting out of the door before 11am for at least 3 months!

But actually it does get easier and there are loads of things that I can offer you to help.

So your first port of call is my online resources to get you coping through this difficult transition.

I have a bunch of fantastic blogs to cover a range of baby-related topics.

We cover how to burp and fart your baby (and also how to tell whether baby needs one or the other). We cover what to expect with a newborn, introducing a bottle, weaning…you know why not just take a peak now.

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Baby Fart Technique

Dig deep into the blog posts to help guide you through this bonkers parenthood journey, and out the other side in one piece!

The articles on burping and farting may seem a bit silly, but honestly it is a popular topic as so many babies suffer from colic and sometimes it really is as simple as needing a fart.

Understanding how to actually make that happen with a newborn baby can be tricky.

It’s OK, because I have developed an incredible online course to guide you through my amazing technique

Birthzang’s Amazing Fart Expulsion Technique online course is a quick and easy solution to understand your baby’s body language and digestive system, and then has 10 exercises with songs to match, to help you to gently ease their pain.

Birthzang's Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique Online Course

fart baby

Find out how to ease your baby's pain, reduce their crying and allow yourself to start enjoying parenthood again.

The best way to survive motherhood is to make friends and see them. A great way to reduce stress and keep your body free from aches and pain is to practice yoga, however a normal practice is not recommended until at least 6 months after birth.

There is a way to combine friendship, stretching and de-stressing in my welcoming mum & baby yoga class in Frome.

Mum & Baby Yoga in Frome

birthzang mum baby yoga reading

Get a bit of much-need rest and support in this gentle yoga class for mums with your baby (it's OK we keep them entertained). Suitable from birth. 

And sometimes you just want a bit of SPACE to THINK. You love your baby and partner and other kids, but sometimes you just need to STOP!

You have to keep a million and one things in your head as a mum and it is exhausting.

There is a wonderful way to clear your head, by doing guided relaxation exercises.

In response to my mums who love the guided relaxation at the end of every mum & baby yoga, and mums’ relaxed night off class, I recorded this 16-minute track. It is a simple and gentle guided relaxation which will help you to switch off your mind, relax your body and just STOP.

Guided Relaxation MP3

online relaxation

Listen to this awesome guided relaxation MP3 on Itunes or Spotify, and just take a moment to stop, breathe and relax.

If you feel that you need more than just a quarter of an hour break, and you actually want some time off from everything and everyone, then do just that – have a day off.

It can be a decision fraught with guilt but actually, I have learned over the years that taking time to look after yourself is JUST AS IMPORTANT in keeping your kids alive! Believe it or not, just taking a day or evening off with friends or on hour own can recharge you in ways you can never expect.

Make sure you build some YOU-TIME into your routine by coming to one of my restorative yoga classes for mums.

It is a gentle class designed to give you just a bit of space from your family, and to reconnect with yourself. There is no learning to prepare for something, no babies, just a room full of mums making themselves no. 1 priortiy.

Mums' Relaxed Night Off

mums relaxed night off frome

Take time out of pregnancy or motherhood and join this restorative yoga class. And we always have awesome cake.

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Om Nom Nom! Birthzang’s Guide to Baby-Led Weaning

Weaning my baby when and how? All you need to know.

Birthzang’s Advice to New Mums

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