Birth Knowledge, Skills & Mindset Workshop - £249

Everything you need to shift your birth mindset into positivity overdrive

This advanced training for birth gives you everything from the Birth Knowledge & Skills workshop, and adds a birth mindset transformation experience to help you shift your mental state from one of fear, anxiety and apprehension, to one of confidence, positivity and unwavering belief in your body’s natural ability to give birth.

We explore your fears and beliefs around birth – either from a previously difficult experience or through stories from friends, family and the media. We then work towards retraining the brain into seeing, believing and knowing that a positive birth mindset can transform your experience of birth.

You’ve given us lots of tools and what to expect from each stage and the NCT didn’t give us that.

We learned so much from the workshop and very confident now.

We completely changed our attitude from thinking it is someone else’s job, to knowing this is our responsibility and it is completely up to us how to go about it. Our views have changed 100%.

Olga & Simon

Who it is for…

This programme is for parents who are feeling quite anxious around birth, probably because you have had a previously difficult, long or traumatic labour. You want to have knowledge and tools that your previous antenatal class didn’t provide.

You want to have an amazing birth experience but can’t quite bring yourself to believe it could happen. This time you are prepared to do more work to prepare, to ensure you get the birth you want.

You have maybe done coaching already through work, or personal life, and understand that the key to breakthrough is a positive birth mindset transformation, but also appreciate the importance of practical knowledge and skills.

What you get…

  • Freedom from your previous feelings about birth
  • A 100% change in your views about birth
  • Full of positive energy
  • Belief in your body’s ability to give birth
  • You will feel:
    • Enlightened & Empowered
    • Inspired & intuitive
    • Calm & confident
    • Focussed on what your perfect birth looks like

What’s included…

  • Birth Knowledge & Skills Workshop (4 hours)
  • Course Workbook with important notes and home practice guidance (£10)
  • Birth Mindset Transformation Workshop (4 hours)
  • Birth kit including essential tools for birth (£50)

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Yes, I want an awesome birth

Overall I thought the Complete Birth Workshop was informative and interactive. There was a relaxed atmosphere and Eleanor is an amazing teacher!

I now feel empowered and full of positive energy.

I know now birth is not as terrifying as I thought before, and me and my partner can have a huge impact on what my experience will be like.

There is a lot I can do to improve my birth and now I actually can’t wait to do it already:-)

I know it is not going to be easy or pleasant but it will be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


The workshop itself very informative. It was a very relaxed, friendly environment to learn and felt I could ask anything. I learned more far more than expected.

Eleanor’s workshop and also pregnancy yoga classes really helped me prepare for labour physically and mentally. The workshop was not only educational equipping me & my husband with the knowledge on the stages of labour, we also learned great techniques for dealing with pain including breathing, massage, and positions to adopt.

The workshop is given in a relaxed environment with a small friendly group of other likeminded couples.

I definitely feel that it all enhanced my labour and prepared us well. We would highly recommend attending.


A very well-spent day, we both really enjoyed the workshop and found it really informative and useful.

Eleanor was fantastic, answering any questions at any point during the workshop with a very informative and knowledgeable answer.

Eleanor was full of energy and made everyone feel completely at ease. We both liked the practical parts of the workshop and we will definitely be practising at home before the big day.

The whole workshop was great!! By the end of the day we both felt a lot more confident about the prospect of labour and birth having been given lots of useful tips and ideas!

Thank you so much Eleanor, you are super! X

Lucy & Martin

My previous labour and birth were straightforward. You would think this would make me feel ok about this one but no I was just really anxious it is going to be awful and really painful.

After attending the active birth workshop we feel really prepared and a lot more relaxed about having our baby.

It was relaxed and non-judgemental, and Eleanor did not present anything in a forceful manner.

Now we are feeling strong, prepared and actually quite excited!


Before the workshop we felt worried, scared, nervous. We knew there was many things that we needed to know and prepare but we didn’t know where to start. I felt really uncomfortable with the idea of giving birth.

The workshop itself was really practical and personal. We received lots of important and interesting information. Everything was really well explained and displayed. We felt comfortable to ask any question or felt the way we felt.

We now feel more comfortable and informed about labour. We know we still having a lot of research to do but we don’t feel that scared and we know what we need to research about. I think we can cope with it and I know that Oscar is more conscious of what he has to do and what I need so he will be a better companion.

Isa & Oscar

I was intrigued prior to the class. I had some small insight into the subject matter and wanted to find out more. I felt like I had more to learn about labour and birth before deciding whether it frightened me or not. My husband entered the class not really knowing what was in store. He was not very knowledgable on the subject and his lack of knowledge made him more apprehensive.

We thought Eleanor was excellent at explaining things and we felt it was well structured and highly informative. So much information to take in but all sections were made simple and highly interesting.

I found the class extremely informative and reassuring on many levels. It fulfilled my expectations and gave me the sense of preparation I felt I needed during my first pregnancy. The class was delivered in a relaxed and engaging manner.

Eleanor made it easy for us to share our thoughts and concerns. I would highly recommend this class to expecting mothers, particularly if feeling anxious about labour, as it provides great insight and comfort in so many ways.


Anita's testimonial and birth story

The workshop exceeded our expectations and we found it very helpful and informative.

It was easy to follow because Eleanor explained all the jargon and the workshop agenda was in a logical format, presented clearly. Eleanor has great in-depth knowledge on the subject and talks from experience.

We thought the workshop was very thorough and it really helped my husband to understand how to support me best during the birth, not just by explaining everything but also giving practical tools that help (among others) with pain management, labour and bonding with the baby.

Thanks to the workshop we both feel well-informed, calm, able and are looking forward to the birth of our first baby.

I also attended other antenatal classes so I can say that I found the Birthzang workshop far more useful, thorough and informative.

I definitely recommend to all mums-to-be and their birthing partners – even if they have already experienced giving birth, they will learn a lot, or if the first experience wasn’t as they hoped it to be, the Birthzang workshop will give them the knowledge, help and tools they need.


Eleanor is a fantastic teacher; she is very knowledgeable on the birth process and explains things in a very clear way.

I already have one child and have done two different antenatal courses prior to Birthzang, but I still felt that I learned a lot on the day – not just about active birthing, but about the birth process as a whole.

Eleanor combines this knowledge with an objective, informal & enthusiastic approach, which made the workshop really enjoyable.

The wide variety of different tools I learned have left me feeling empowered and positive about giving birth naturally after a previous c-section.


I really enjoyed the workshop and it really helped to have my birth partner there and on same page.

Although we didn’t get the natural labour we hoped for the workshop gave us confidence to challenge/discuss our options and some of the techniques were still useful regardless.


Eleanor Hayes

Birth coach, yoga teacher & all-round good egg


I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

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