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So an awesome birth can change your life for the better, so a difficult birth can affect you for years to come. We feel unable to admit the disappointment of not having the birth we wanted and having a healthy baby is really not enough. It is so fantastic that this simple technqiue can be so life-changing to help mums move on from their previously difficult experiences and start looking forward to their next birth with joy.

Eleanor Hayes

My first birth was traumatic. Actually, it was lots of things: long, slow, frustrating, difficult, exhausting, to name a few. But the feelings I had after the event when I looked back on the whole thing were pretty bad. In many ways there was no real “reason” to feel upset and emotional about it all. After all, there hadn’t been any kind of emergency and at no point was the wellbeing of me or my baby in question. So there was no reason that I should have experienced birth trauma.

And yet I came away with feelings of anxiety. Every time I thought about the birth I cried. It took me a good few weeks to bond with my baby. Well, I hadn’t SEEN or FELT him be born he was just sort of handed to me. He didn’t feel like mine.

And when I became pregnant a second time all those feelings came flooding back. I was filled with a sense of fear and dread about my next birth. Let’s face it I was scared shitless!

I had a birth debrief where a midwife talked me through my notes and it only served to give me more information about why, in my mind, it felt like it was so awful. In the end, I resolved to do it differently this time to avoid birth trauma at all costs. I took all sorts of steps to ensure I have a fantastic birth second time around and you can read my full story about this journey here.

In that journey, I learned all about birth. Anatomy, physiology, practical and emotional stuff, statistics, birth positions. OK I became a birth geek!

And one of the key things I learned is that FEAR has no place in a “good” birth. Fear is not going to help in any way.

But our society is full of horrifying stories of birth, of distressing images and highly inaccurate or stylised depictions of birth (please PLEASE stop watching One Born Every Minute!). And NONE OF THESE IS HELPING YOU PREPARE FOR BIRTH!!

In fact, even if we commit to only listening to beautiful birth stories and seeing inspiring videos and making plans for a beautiful birth…it can all be completely derailed by fear. Fear of what happened to us in the past. Fear of what has happened to other people. And fear of what might happen to us in our birth.

So what the hell do you do if when you think about your previous birth you get filled with raw emotions of fear and distress? What can you do if you keep reliving the birth, or that when something that happens that reminds you of that birth that you relive the anxiety and panic that you felt at the time? What if it starts to affect your daily life and is definitely affecting your ability to even THINK about let alone prepare for and plan your next birth?

If just thinking about your next birth is just filling you with fear, then it is going to be quite difficult to banish that fear from the birthing room. It is going to be difficult to practice techniques that take you to a place of calm and confidence. It is going to be difficult to achieve a “good” birth let alone an awesome one if that fear has a grip on every fibre of your being.


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The amazing thing though, is that IT IS NOT JUST YOU GOING MAD! Your feelings of fear about your past and future births are not a millstone around your neck and they can be overcome. And birth trauma and fear can be released in a way that means you don’t have to relive the memories of what happened. You don’t have to go back there.

Can you imagine how you will feel when these emotions of birth trauma and fear are lifted?

Can you imagine how you will be able to plan and prepare for your next birth in a completely different way?

Do you envisage the way that your whole body will be positively affected by this emotional change?

How will your partner notice the differences in you?

What kind of impact will feeling calm and confident and relaxed have on not just your birth, but every day and every aspect of your life?

What is the Rewind technique?

The way I will help you work past these feelings of birth trauma and fear is through a simple but effective technique called the Rewind Technique.

It has its roots in neuro-linguistic programming and uses the methodology of guided relaxation to enable you to eliminate your unwanted emotions and replace them with something much nicer.

It is a 3-step technique that goes through a process of:

    1. REFLECTION – reflect on the past memory (either by sharing your story or just talking about key unwanted emotions) in order to identify the key emotions that are unwanted and looking at the emotions that you would prefer to have.
    2. REWIND – going through the Rewind process through a guided relaxation in a way that enables you to feel at a safe distance from your memory and feelings.
    3. REFRAME THE FUTURE – establishing the positive things that will replace the unwanted feelings. 

How does it work?

As a practitioner of this technique, I will guide you in this process but it is not hypnosis or therapy and doesn’t change or alter your memory in any way.

Rather we enable our brain to re-process the memory and to detach the strong emotions that have been attached to the memory so that it can be stored in our memory banks in a neutral way – just like all our other memories.

What to expect?

The technique is be conducted over or 2 or 3 sessions that last between 60-90 minutes depending on your needs and goals. It can be done in a safe and familiar place or somewhere more neutral if you prefer.

Each session will start with some reflection about what the goals are for the process, and then we will move into a guided relaxation that lasts between 20-45 minutes depending on which session and what is being covered.

We wrap up with a short reflection on the relaxation.

How much does it cost?

As the sessions are tailored to your requirements, I offer a package that covers all sessions and any follow-ups or extra support required. We have 2 sessions of 90 minutes and 60 minutes, but that we may add in additional sessions if needed.

Rewind Session £199

How do I know if it will work for me?

Every person is unique and their thoughts and emotions are unique.

Rewind works best with if you have a strong unwanted emotion that is created and caused by a specific event or experience, that is having a negative impact on your present life. It can also be highly effective even if you can’t attribute the emotion clearly to an event or memory.

Why not get in touch and book a free Rewind assessment call with me and we can discuss your specific situation. Please note you do not have to share tour story with me if you don’t want to, Rewind can be practised without sharing anything at all.

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Want to take these techniques even further?

I have a Birth Coaching package where we work together to develop a bespoke coaching programme designed specifically to enable you to get into the perfect headspace for birth so that you can achieve the birth your desire (and deserve).

Coaching can be done in person in Frome, or via Video calls.

Birth Coaching

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Take your training to a deeper level and retrain your self to think, feel and act into the perfect headspace for an awesome birth.

Pregnancy Yoga in Frome

frome pregnancy yoga somerset

Get into the physical and mental headspace of pregnancy, and prepare for your positive birth with other local mums in this flexible drop-in class.

Birth Workshops in Frome

birth classes in frome

Learn all the skills and knowledge you need to have an awesome birth, using this tried and tested method of birth preparation.

Guided Relaxation MP3

online relaxation

Listen to this awesome guided relaxation MP3 on Itunes or Spotify, and just take a moment to stop, breathe and relax.

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Eleanor Hayes

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I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

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