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My first birth experience began as a beautiful home water birth, but after 3 days of labour it ended up in hospital with a fairly high level of intervention. I felt ill-equipped for labour and had no idea how to cope.

This is me, Eleanor Hayes. Hello!

This is me, Eleanor Hayes. Hello!

Whilst pregnant for the second time I needed to it differently to achieve a positive birth experience. I was lent Janet Balaskas’s wonderful book, New Active Birth, and I found an Active Birth class.

It gave me  confidence and I felt  well-prepared for labour. I came away from my second birth in awe of the wonder and miracle of the female body!

This amazing experience inspired me to share the possibility of positive birth with other parents.

I certified in TEACHING ACTIVE BIRTH© with Janet Balaskas plus 2 additional antenatal teacher training courses and set up Birthzang.

I have also trained in Birthlight‘s Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals, and Postnatal Yoga.

I am a qualified Reflexologist and offer reflexology for fertility, pregnancy and postnatal.

Eleanor is welcoming and enthusiastic about active birth, which definitely upped my positivity that I can have my third child naturally.

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AnitaI highly recommend this workshop to all women who want to feel empowered when giving birth, and all the men who want to actively support their partner during the most enduring, most amazing experience of their life.

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birthzang logo very small 150 pixelsBirthzang was founded by Eleanor Hayes in October 2012. My aim is to empower and educate parents to have an awesome labour and birth but teaching them to understand the mechanics of the body, and provide a toolbox of strategies to enhance labour and birth, and make it easier, safer, more efficient and less painful.

I achieve this through weekly pregnancy yoga classes for mums, my simple 3-step programme to achieve an awesome birth workshops for couples, and then mum & baby yoga once baby has arrived.

I also offer reflexology for mums and dads, with a specialism in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal, and I offer a special treatment to help encourage labour to start naturally.

My blog has insights on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, and my journey through this minefield.

You can join the “Birthzang Mums’ Club” Facebook group, a closed group open to any mum wishing to seek or provide advice and support to other mums, as knowing other people have the same concerns is half the battle to overcoming them. We regularly organise coffee mornings in Reading via the group.

I also publish a monthly email newsletter with details of upcoming events, special offers, and previews of new blog posts on pregnancy and parenting. Sign up using the form at the bottom of my website.


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