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Get Rid Of Painful Trapped Farts Once and For All


Did your baby start life happy and content but then started to get fretful in the evenings and cry a lot?

They burp well, but in the evenings they screw up their face and scream with a really hard tummy.

You have come to the conclusion that they have trapped wind or gas; basically, they desperately need to fart!

This sounds funny but it really is no joke. Not only is your baby in terrible pain and distress, but you are feeling helpless and distraught.

You haven’t been able to put the baby down in the evening for days (weeks?).

You haven’t been able to eat a meal, read your other kids a bedtime story, have a rest, or hear yourself think since I don’t know when.

As soon as the clock turns 4pm, you start to dread the evening ahead.

Would you like to:

  • Transform your baby into a contented and happy one?
  • Give them relief from discomfort and prevent them from future pain?
  • Eliminate your feeling of guilt from being unable to help them?
  • Start enjoying parenthood again?

Within an hour they will get immediate relief from current symptoms, and when practised every day, you will stop the symptoms before they start, or your money back.

Yes, it can prevent the crying!

You can help transform your baby back into the happy and contented baby they were and you can start enjoying parenthood.

14 easy-to-follow videos

  • How to read your baby's body language
  • Understand their digestive process
  • Prepare your baby and your space
  • Follow 10 exercises

Printable worksheets

A PDF download for you to print out as a quick reminder of the exercises in case you want to refer to them quickly in the middle of the night without playing a video.

Being able to focus on something connecting and ultimately, umm… bringing clear result was a game changer for us and our tiny struggling screaming unsettled flailing and frustrated new family member! Thank you xxx

Ruth Newton-Griffiths

Start helping your baby now

The price for the amazing baby fart technique is £24.99 which is easy recouped as it is less than a few bottles of the leading brand of colic medicine, but it has instant repeatable results and you can repeat it time and time again. 

What does the full course contain?

  • Chapter 1 will help you understand why your baby is in pain, and how to interpret their body language. (video) [FREE TRIAL]
  • Chapter 2 helps you prepare your space, and your baby for the technique, and guide you how to hold your baby. (video)
  • Chapter 3 gives you 10 exercises to help relieve your baby’s wind, immediately, which will get rid of the pain and they crying will stop. (10 videos) [1 Exercise in FREE TRIAL]
  • Chapter 4 talks you through the bonus material. (10 audio files, PDF worksheets)


  • Access to an exclusive support group for parents.
  • Free audio files of the songs to play or download.
  • Free printable PDF worksheets to view or download.


Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Eleanor Hayes, Birthzang

Director & Educator

 Hi, I’m Eleanor an active birth and yoga teacher and I have been working with   hundreds of mums and dads since 2013 to guide them through an awesome pregnancy, birth and parenthood journey.

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