Birthzang Mums’ Club

Birthzang aims to provide mums with information and education about labour and birth, but also to create a social network to meet other mums and get advice and support from each other.

Facebook Page

Birthzang regularly posts information about pregnancy, labour, birth and parenthood. Articles, info, images – anything that catches my eye. Also I will keep you updated of any new events. Come and like us…

Birthzang Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Come and join our closed Facebook group, Birthzang Mums’ Club

This is an inclusive support group created for any mums in Reading and beyond who are looking for a place to find and offer support and advice about pregnancy, birth and parenting in a safe and non-judgemental place! It is loosely affiliated with Birthzang Workshops and Pregnancy Yoga classes as a way for mums who have attended the class to connect with other parents both on the course and in the locality.

However the group is open to any mum who wishes to to join, regardless of attendance to the classes.

This group is CLOSED – this means that anyone can search the group on Facebook and request to join BUT ALL POSTS ARE ONLY VISIBLE TO MEMBERS (so it won’t appear in your news feed or to anyone just browsing!).

We are geographically located in Reading but women from anywhere are welcome to join.

Coffee Mornings

We have regular coffee mornings to meet up with local mums either before or after they have had their baby. It is a great opportunity to meet other mums in Reading and have a place to ask for advice. Or just drink coffee and eat cake! We advertise the coffee morning through the Facebook page. If you’d like to be kept posted then sign up to the Email Newsletter.

Mum’s Local Directory

Look here for some useful local information for parents.

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pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Weekly classes in East Reading, book online now!

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