Mums' Relaxed Night Off in Frome

Time to decompress away from your family, baby and life in a nurturing and restorative yoga class
Birthzang mums relaxed night off

Come and enjoy a Friday night in the company of pregnant and postnatal mums instead of being stuck in front of the TV.

Leave your babies, toddlers & kids at home and take some time to take care of your body, mind and soul.

  • gentle restorative yoga
  • deep breathing
  • guided relaxation

We will follow a gentle yogic theme but emphasise the restful and restorative side of yoga to bring balance back to your life.

Followed by the obligatory tea and cake (GF/vegan options).

Open to any mums either pregnant or postnatal (but leave the babes at home) with kids of any age. In fact, even if you are hoping/planning to be a mum, you are welcome too!

Tickets cost £10 or one yoga class credit. Book online.
***Mums’ Relaxed Night Off will be starting in Winter 2018. To stay updated as to dates, times and venues please like Birthzang’s Facebook page.****

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