Pregnancy Reflexology

***Please note that I am currently taking a break from practising maternity reflexology as I am travelling extensively. I will be taking on clients again in the summer of 2018. Watch this space!****

Birthzang offers fertility and pregnancy reflexology in Reading to help mums and dads in their parenthood journey.

Reflexology is the reading and gentle manipulation of the feet in order to aid the body’s natural processes. It includes a relaxing foot massage and improves well-being, enhances sleep and aids relaxation, all of which well help the body to do its job better.

Reflexology is hugely relaxing and can help reduce stress bought on by anxiety, pelvic pain, back pain, fear or labour or induction, and other symptoms and problems associated with pregnancy and labour. It can also help you go into labour sooner and reduce the amount of pain relief required in labour!

You can have a treatment in the comfort of your own home, or come to Birthzang’s treatment room at Cemetery Junction, Reading.


Initial treatment £50 (1 hour 15 mins)

Subsequent treatments £50 (1 hour)

Monthly package – 4 treatments £180

Overdue mama package (40-43 weeks) – 1 hour – £50

* Reflexology
* Breathing & meditation
* Visualisation

Breech or transverse baby package (34-42 weeks) – 2 hours  – £70

* Rebozo session
* Positions and techniques to turn baby
* Gentle yoga session with asanas to help baby turn
* Reflexology

To book a treatment please email or call me on 07931756461.

I am a registered reflexologist, having qualified with an IIHHT Diploma in Reflexology in 2001. I completed a conception and maternity reflexology course in July 2015 with Sally Earlam to enhance my treatment of parents and parents-to-be.

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