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Get Ready for Birth Self-Guided online course
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Online Antenatal Class covers everything to get ready for birth

This online antenatal class has been designed to be delivered online and gives you everything you need to know to prepare for an awesome birth while in the comfort and safety of your own home!

We cover a simple antenatal framework that covers everything from anatomical discovery to practical skills for labour and our brilliant, and this highly-recommended course is listed on the NHS Antenatal Services page.

You and your birth partner will come away from the online prenatal course not only with a wealth of information about how birth works and all the ways you can help it work even better. You will also feel 100% confident and completely ready for birth.

Our focus is specifically about the birth – from the moment your labour begins until an hour or two after the baby is born and everything in between.

Online Antenatal Class Curriculum

You will cover the LABOUR ABCDEs to create a comprehensive knowledge base upon which you practice useful tools and techniques for labour.

A stands for ANATOMY ACADEMY (Week 1 & 2)

Where you look at birth physiology and anatomy in detail. You examine how the baby moves in the pelvis, how your uterus works and how your hormones play an integral role in tying it all together through the different stages of labour.

B stands for BENEFIT THE BODY 

Here you explore all the ways in which you can help your body work as efficiently as possible during labour and birth. You also consider the things that can be detrimental to this process. 


Where you learn – and practice – many different methods of coping with the sensations of labour. We cover breathing, visualisation, movement, massage, to name a few, and also spend time practising a variety of positions for labour and birth. You also get full access to my self-guided online course “Breathing Techniques for Labour & Birth

D stands for DON’T FORGET THE BIRTH PARTNER! (Week 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Where you explore the role of the birth partner in the context of everything else you have learned and create a map of what “being a supportive partner” actually looks like.


Where you consider how to make the language, thoughts and beliefs you have about birth work for you rather than against you. You practice some great tools to begin to transform your mindset into a positive one.


By the end of this self-guided online antenatal course, you will feel 100% confident and completely ready for birth! Or your money back!

My previous labour and birth were straight forward. You would think this would make me feel ok about this one but no I was just really anxious it is going to be awful and really painful.

After attending the active birth workshop we feel really prepared and a lot more relaxed about having our baby.

Katie & Shane

Who this online antenatal class is for…

You want to have an amazing birth experience but can’t quite bring yourself to believe it could happen. And you are prepared to do more work to prepare, to ensure you get the birth you want.

And you want to have clear guidance on a practical and intuitive method to cope with labour and birth, and approach your decisions and choices with confidence.

You’re information junkies who want to know everything about birth, and want practical answers to your questions and unconditional emotional support.

You have found that NHS and NCT classes don’t seem to offer you what you want.

You want to be taught by a person not a voice behind a series of slides. 

This online antenatal course is for parents who are feeling a bit anxious around birth, maybe because you have had a previously difficult, long or traumatic labour, or just that you just feel out of your depth. You enjoy learning about biology and the mechanics of labour. And you know that one “method” won’t suit every person so you want to build a toolbox of ways to cope.

You want to have knowledge and tools that other antenatal classes just don’t give you. 

online antenatal course baby pelvis birthzang

What you get from this online antenatal class…

  • Belief in your body’s ability to give birth
  • That you and your birth partner are on the same page
  • That all your questions have been answered
  • Full of positive energy
  • Learn much more than you expect
  • Feel you are taking responsibility for your birth
  • A 100% change in your views about birth
  • You are empowered to make the right choices and decisions for your birth
  • You will feel:
    • Relaxed & reassured
    • Mentally & physically prepared
    • Excited & brave
    • Enlightened & Empowered
    • Inspired & intuitive
    • Calm & Confident
    • Focused on what your perfect birth looks like

Get Ready for Birth - online antenatal class

Self-guided online antenatal course - just £99!
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What’s included in the Antenatal Class …

  • Around 10 hours content
    • Open your eyes to what happens in labour
    • Learn what the body does in birth
    • Discover how to help the body
    • Practice skills to cope with labour
    • Become the perfect birth partner
    • Interactive and practical
  • Access to my 2.5 hour online course ‘Breathing Techniques for Labour & Birth‘ for free!  worth £19.99
  • Birth preferences masterclass
  • Guided relaxation MP3s
  • 41-page Course Workbook with important notes and home practice guidance (sent as PDF)
  • Access to VIP Facebook group for extra content and discussions.
  • Unlimited Q&A via FB, email or sms

You’ve given us lots of tools and what to expect from each stage and the NCT didn’t give us that.

We learned so much from the antenatal class and feel very confident now.

We completely changed our attitude from thinking it is someone else’s job, to knowing this is our responsibility and it is completely up to us how to go about it. Our views have changed 100%.

Olga & Simon

Get Ready for Birth - online antenatal classes

Self-guided online antenatal course - just £99!
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antenatal student

This is definitely a course for a couple to attend as it demystifies birth, particularly for partners. It covers every aspect of birthing and all the variables and circumstances.

It also takes away any fear I came away feeling like I can really do this!


There is a lot of information covered in what seems a short amount of time but Eleanor has constructed her course beautifully so all the information can be digested easily.

My partner and I booked Eleanor for our second child, I was amazed at how much new information Eleanor taught that we hadn’t been told with our first.

I would highly recommend Birthzang to any couple wanting to gain valuable information leading up to the birth of their baby.

Thank you Eleanor!

Ian & Sarah

Your classes were so helpful – we really knew very little about the process of labour, and nothing at all about how to handle it.

We went into the labour feeling really confident and relaxed. I found the range of positions you took us through really useful, and used several of them.

Our midwife commented on how happy and relaxed we were and even said that we were making her feel relaxed!

Jess & James

Before the workshop, we felt lost!

The workshop was awesome! We learned a lot. Very useful information was given.

We really liked discovering how the body works during labour and the importance of gravity. We also found the information about upright positions, the breathing practice, and the positive mindset really helpful.

We now feel really prepared for labour and birth.

Kat & Vlad

Halima - I initially felt apprehensive about my labour and birth before the workshop.

However, Eleanor created a warm atmosphere for the class and provided plenty of information.

I particularly liked the sections on showing how the baby is born, the structure of the pelvis and what happens with your hormones in labour.

My partner and I now feel confident about my labour and birth!


We really enjoyed Eleanor’s workshop. Her teaching style is very friendly and informal and the whole class was very relaxed.

I class myself as a huge wimp and kept fixating on all the drugs that I would need to take during labour.

I now understand a lot more about all the things I can do myself to try to make it through without drugging myself into a stupor so I miss all the best bits!

I also feel much more informed about interventions and the fact that I have the right to say no. I feel much braver and confident.

Natalie & Gilly