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Do you want to feel ready for birth?

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how on earth you are going to get it OUT?

Have you recently had your 20-week scan and are starting to think about what birth might look like?

Have you and your midwife started discussing where you are planning to have your baby?

Have you got this idea that birth COULD be amazing…you just don’t know what to do to make it happen?

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and learn what you need to GET READY and FEEL READY for birth?

Come and join our online antenatal class 

Book your space right now on our live online Antenatal class! There is a free 60-minute taster class that will get you started on your birth preparation journey.

Or perhaps you are ready to dive into our full comprehensive 4-week online antenatal course that runs monthly starting the first week each month?

Browse the timetable below, select the class you’d like to join and follow the instructions.

You can always reschedule later if you can’t make the time. All sessions are recorded so you can also watch a replay if you miss it.

Details of how to join the live online antenatal classes will be sent to you on sign-up. I use the amazing zoom platform to stream the classes. You don’t even need an account or an app.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


If you are looking for instant access to self-guided online antenatal courses then click HERE.

Eleanor Hayes: Online Antenatal Teacher and Author

Who am I?

Antenatal teacher, mentor & all-round good egg

I founded Birthzang after having an incredible birth experience that enlightened me that with the right tools and skills at her fingertips, any woman can have a positive birth experience.

I discovered my passion for providing parents with practical and non-fluffy information in my online antenatal workshops and classes about how to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenthood.

My book 'Helping Birth' is available as a kindle or paperback.

An indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about birth pain relief options and common interventions in labour.