Self-Guided Online Antenatal Courses

Instant access to classes and workshops

Online antenatal courses can take many forms and we understand that sometimes the timing isn’t right or you just want fast and instant access to the course material.

That’s why we offer pre-recorded, self-guided online antenatal courses that you can sign up to right now, and start working through the modules at your own pace in your own time.

Choose from pregnancy yoga, or antenatal courses that are both comprehensive or offer a quick course on breathing techniques for labour.

We also have a popular postnatal online course – Birthzang’s Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Technique!  – it may sound daft but it really is no joke if your baby cries every night!

Our courses are being constantly created and in the pipeline we will be adding Hypnobirthing masterclass, a Breastfeeding masterclass, and other useful topics.

You can also find extra content on our blog and You Tube channel – I post videos weekly on a variety of topics relating to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Get Ready for Birth (Self-guided)

This self-guided online antenatal course can be followed at your own pace:

• labour ABCDEs •
• bonus masterclasses •
• access to VIP Facebook group •

Breathing Techniques for Labour & Birth

breathing online course woman

This mini course is a great way to start learning how and why breathing is so useful in labour:

• discover why breathing matters •
• learn to connect with your beath •
• bonus relaxation tracks •
• downloadable MP3s •

Online Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Online pregnancy yoga course so you can do a class at a time that suits you.

• 4 x 30-minute classes •
• Bonus relaxation MP3s •
• Suitable for all levels •
• pregnancy appropriate •

Help your baby fart course

fart baby

Learn this baby fart expulsion technique in detail and instantly enjoy a new calm and happy baby (or your money back).